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Iron Mind Grippers Vs Ghps

Anthony t

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I have the iron mind grippers. My wife ordered me the ghps for christmas. I just want see how they match up for you who have both what do you think.

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They are both well-made and consistent in their ratings, although I believe GHP enjoys a slight advantage in both areas. Of course GHPs cost more and are made in much smaller batches.

GHPs feel harder in the sweep to me and I personally like the feel of an IM gripper through the whole range of motion.

All of this is my opinion, of course, and you really cannot go wrong with either brand. They are two of the best without a doubt.

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Thank you for your opinion. I have been training with iron mind gripper on and off since 2006. I heard about the ghps and wanted to try them. I can mms a #3 I was hoping mabe the ghps could help me get to ccs

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personally, i like the ghp grippers better... they are better to do working sets with because the range of motion is so consistent and the wide sweep really works the full ROM.. IMs are great - don't get me wrong... but for high reps, being that I have both both the ghp 5 and coc 2 (about the same strength), i feel that the ghp is more effective as a workout tool

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I just opend my ghps to day pick up the #5 closed it with both hands then tried #6 got 2 reps with my right couldnt do it with my left that things way harder than my #2.5

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