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Thumb Bending


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I was looking again at that thread about cracking walnuts with thumb strength alone, and it got me thinking about what other types of things could be done with the thumbs. So I came up with a feat this morning, one that I can't do, but I'm thinking maybe some of the advanced bending or thumb strength guys might be able to.

The feat: wrap a nail like you normally would for bending. Grip it in one hand like a hammer, so half of it is in the hand, and half of it sticking out vertically. (or whatever direction, is suppose it doesn't have to be vertical, so long as it's sticking out). Then squeeze tight, and just using the thumb of that hand, press against the exposed half of the nail and bend it down to your fist. Of course, 90 degrees will be about all you can do with this. Can anybody do this?

I tried it with just a 10 penny nail and got nothing. Haha. But I thought of it because I do this same basic thing all the time to break dog treats in half for my dog. And I've broken plenty of pens and pencils this way in frustration... But can any one bend a nail this way? If so, please post a video.


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Yeah I know it's super hard. Haha. But that's why I'm asking. I think there's gotta be somebody who can though. Somebody with some real strong thumbs.

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john brooksfield talks about doing this with keys in one of his books

Hmmm must have missed that.

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I seriously have forgotten this. Haha. I'll have to look back in there...

Regardless, that still leaves the question: can anybody do it in the way I've presented?

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