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Manual labor for grip strength


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Yesterday, I had one of my toughest grip workout of all time, while I was working. I had to carry about 100 steel beams which weighed about 50 pounds each. Those beams were 3" wide and 8 feet long. As a grip maniac, I jumped on the occasion and carried them farmer's walk style, pinching a beam in each hand.

Today, my forearms are sore and my fingers are busted but ... I like it !

Manual labor can be pretty hard on the grip. Just think about the phenomenal strength of Goerner who was carrying heavy bricks all day long.

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I agree.  Back in Goerner's era most people were much more  involved with heavy manual labor.  This has rapidly declined over the years and as a result we are a much softer weaker society as a whole.  

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Guest Claemore70

You also notice, I'm sure, that most folks that spent their youth as farmers have incredible grips.  I talked to an older guy- early fifties-  and he won a grip contest at a carnival making 赨, when he was only 14 years old!My dad spent his childhood on a farm and has been impressing folks with his feets of strength all his adult life.  Personally I have seen him carry a large block engine around the garage.  The strongest men I have ever seen have all been products of the farm life.

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