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2003 British Iron Grip Champs

David Horne

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Saturday 2rd August, 2003: Professional

Sunday 3rd August, 2003: Amateur and Novice

Lifting order:

1. One Hand Pinch Lift

2. Two Hands Dynamometer

3. One Hand Dinnie Lift

4. Weaver Stick Lift to Rear

5. One Hand 2” Bar Deadlift (no hook grip)

Professional, amateur and novice categories

Professional to be run with no bodyweight, age or sex allowances. Amateur and Novice to be run as usual.

Venue: Stafford

Weigh in: 10.00 - 11.00

Entrance fee: £15

(this includes lunchtime meal)

If you would like a meal and are only spectating (either day), please contact D. Horne and send payment of £5 by 12th July.

There is no fee to spectate.


Entries to be in no later than 12th July

For details, enquiries and entrance fees, please contact:

David Horne,

27, Ingestre Road,


ST17 4DJ




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Hi David,

I'll be there, and hopefully will bring a few lads (and possibly a lass as well) from the gym here. We're all strictly amateur/novice, of course.

Pardon my ignorance, but what does a Dinnie Lift involve? 'Cos I Dinnie know. :D (Sorry!)

Andy Christie

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Luncheon vouchers! Pah, nothing that impressive, just a trophy for the top 3. If you want prizes Steve, get your arse over to Rick's contest in the U.S.!


Good to hear that a few of you will be travelling. The Dinnie Lift is named after Donald Dinnie and the stones he lifted. Anyway, we are lifting weights with a ring. Full details of this is in the next issue of Iron Grip. Though I can email the rules to whoever wants them.


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I wish I could dave but...

I have 2 possibly three seminars lined up in conjunction with the Kettlebell mob and one more later in the year with Mick Hart's gang. The kettlebell stuff pays money (hopefully around £150.00 for an afternoon).

I have had an inquiry, through my whey site, for (get this) 200-300 tonnes a month which as you can imagine could possibly mean a lot of work for a very nice return.

However, I WILL be competing in the Iron Grip comp - 100% I've emailed you asking for spec on the equipment and the minutae on the rules (tilting me - with my reputation!).

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Don't think your tilting method will work very well on a 6' bar steve. I don't think that Dave is planning to use a loadable dumbbell.

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Meow... I tried some work on my 1.5 inch bar and pulled an easyish 115 kilos x 3 x 1

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1. One Hand Pinch Lift - target 45 kg plus - record about 65

2. Two Hands Dynamometer - as high as the next man plus 1 lb :)

3. One Hand Dinnie Lift - 220kg

4. Weaver Stick Lift to Rear - 23-25 pounds

5. One Hand 2” Bar Deadlift (no hook grip) - 300 pounds

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Lets see!!!

We have the raining British grip Champ(mr.david Horne). :bow

The Viking(Swedens Finist)are coming to plunder and pillage the British Grip Scene.

The crafty cockney Thick Bar Daddy himself Steve Gardener.

The UK Blob King and V-Bar Champ Jim Wylie.

The Australian Champ and one they all fear Nick mckinless.

Should be a good scrap :rock And i will be there to catch it all on video,witch of coarse will end up on your favourite gripboard,Can,t wait!!

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I have a query about the Tiemann dynamometer that we'll be using in the Irongrip Championships.

From the pictures in Irongrip Magazine it looks like the handle is shaped a bit like two CoC grippers end to end - ie springs outwards. Can you get hold of it like you can a gripper, or is it more of a fingertip grip? And do they move much? I know, I know, it depends how hard you squeeze them :rolleyes but some dynamometers barely move no matter what the pressure, while others do close to a certain extent.


Andy Christie

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There is hardly any movement, and so barely any setting. It seems to be on the fingertips quite a bit. So if your going to train with the CoC grippers in the position then use tough ones.


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If you get those numbers you will win the competition!! This looks like a good comp for you. A weaver of 23lbs is unbelievable. It's a pity this lift isn't done by more people on the board, it would be good to see if anyone could take your title ;)


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