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Bending Stock?


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So, recently I just moved out into the middle of nowhere, farm area. Not much for miles and miles, where is a good place to order lots of different bending stock? I need warmup stock, lots of g2 bolts or round/squares, g5s..etc etc? Any leads?

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i think that mudhut guy may bend a bit of steel. if you are lucky, you will find a local metal shop who sells roundstock and square stock steel. hot rolled and cold rolled in 3/16 to 5/8 could keep you busy for a while for under $25. that is what i have done. i get 4 foot pieces and cut it to length. in the end, this is less expensive but not as convenient as ordering from the bending stock guys.

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here are some good places to start:

for bolts- http://www.boltdepot...CFXCmPAodN1IA2g

for all familiar shapes and sizes of stock- http://www.fatbastar...BENDERSBAG.html

for the Manus nails- http://tiptopwebsite...me=manus&page=5

for Ironmind nails- http://www.ironmind-...oductinfo/1236/

for horse shoes- http://www.georgiafa...e_Draft_01.html

another for horse shoes- http://www.alvinfarr...y/Kerckhaert-51

and another for horse shoes- http://www.centaurfo...inforequest.asp

and here is where to buy leather for wraps- (its best to go in person and buy what feels best) http://www.tandyleat.../home/home.aspx

have fun. :cool

Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so very much for taking the time to outline those for me!!

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I wish John Beatty was still the owner of FBBC

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I wish John Beatty was still the owner of FBBC

Thanks, I miss FBBC & the contact with all you guys, but just too much on my plate with shows now. Jerry (owner now) was my welder for the last 7 years I owned FBBC, so nobody knows the products better outside me. He still carries everything I did, and still does the custom stuff. I was talking to him this am, he got a request for a Conan's wheel that'll hold two motorcycles.

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