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Loading Pins

Teemu I

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Put together a couple of loading pins for standard plates to get more use out of those plates.

This is a short loading pin made using a big bolt, a washer, some duct tape around the bolt for snug fit and bolt was then inserted to the 25 mm pipe. I figured a short loading pin good be useful for exercises such as doing swings with RT handle, for example.20121007-003632.jpg

This longer loading pin I made in similar way, except there's a threaded rod inside the pipe.


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You're on a roll with all your homemade equipment!

There's more in the works. :)
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Hey man, had a go at this today, but I need some help.

I got 3/4 bolts and a pipe of the same diameter but can't find an eye nut for that size anywhere. What size are you using here?

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One I used is a metric eye nut. Not sure where you could find one. I would think you could find almost anything on McMaster there. So I've heard.

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I have several universal tablelegs from the local hardware store. You can get them in the 30mm fit and 50 mm fit. They work perfectly.

The part were you screw them under the table holds the weights. Drill a hole through the other end, and put a bolt through it with a nut.

The hook a carabiner on the screw and presto.

Couldn't find the right picture, but this is the idea. I have seen them in practical every hardware store. And they cost just a few bucks....


Only my tableleg has a round and flat screw-attachmentplate. But you get the picture.

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