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Tetting Gripper


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i recieved my T 8, T 12, and T 13 grippers. My understanding these are also made by Warren Tetting. They are just like BB grippers. So the T8 is SE or GE? What about the 12 and 13? Also the 13 doesnt handnpinned handles. Is that okay for the T13?

Much appreciated

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Isn't the mounting depth slightly different for the T-series, 3/32"?

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Good to know about the mount depth. Thats explains why it is harder than my Thor SE ( i chest crushed them). Ok so is the T 12 BB universe? And the T 13?

Also my T13 the handles isnt pinned, but glued. It isnt suppose to be like that yes (anyone that owns them please let me know)?

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I've said this before, but I'd be surprised if Warren is hitting those numbers. I can ask him if he actually mounting handles different based on where the grippers go. He considers the MM grippers "custom" mounts and "a lot of work to get each exactly right so it's not 1/16th off in either direction." So I'd be surprised if he's worrying about 32nds on the NG stuff.

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