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The Silver Bullet!

Bill Piche

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I recently got to test drive a Silver Bullet (SB) from IronMind and in no particular order of importance, here are some random thoughts:

1. When I first opened the SB, I right away noticed the high quality that is known for IronMind products. A very nice piece!

2. I tend to actually read instructions since I have been burned so many times in my life by not reading them. So, I read the instructions that came with the SB. The instructions were very clear and concise. No one should have any issues for how to use the SB provided they actually read them!

3. On the back side of the instructions is the description for the CoC Silver Bullet Challenge. The SB can no doubt be used as a standard for what would be the equivalent of a wider gap strap hold to compare performances. I really like the fact that there is a world record for this piece. Any idea came to mind along these lines to bring in more guys into the challenge. More on that later.

4. I immediately thought that this particular gap width is just about right to hit the transition point to the final close. The SB could easily be used in the KTA program as there are both strap holds, overcrushes, and BTR strap holds in the program. It would be a great addition (conjugate method) because I believe to get good at grippers you need to do grippers (specificity).

5. To be honest, I have never tried metal on metal strap holds so this was the first time. And, given this particular width all I can say is WOW. I did a few test runs with a light weight and a lower gripper and felt that they can be literally "bone crushing feel it all the way to your toes" overcrush SB holds. Super intense! This piece just might be the ticket to break out of a plateau in gripper strength as well (by itself).

6. One potential drawback I saw was that I immediately saw some grinding of the metal knurling on the SB and it might damage the inside of the handles of the gripper as well. I am sure there are others out there that have used it for awhile who could answer this question.

7. Maybe a SB challenge can be set up where a #2 is used instead? This can then offer a lot more guys into the challenge and offer them a direct comparison to the World Record time. Very few will be able to close a 3 down onto the Silver Bullet with 2.5kg for any length of time. With the #2 this might pull in more guys to buy and train with the Silver Bullet so they can see where they stack up. One drawback might be the actual World Record time might be too long. I'm not sure though where it would stack out.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. :)

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Great review Bill.

I tried this thing at Adam's last decathlon and managed 13 seconds with a new #3 and the event was about 2/3rds through the decathlon. I have to say it's one of my favorite gripper events now. It's much more fun than parallel gripper closes. As the seconds go on, everyone is yelling at you as they see in your face that you're fighting for each second.

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Just want to thank Bill for all these thoughtful, detailed comments and let's keep an eye on the possibility of wear—I kidded Bill that maybe the CoC Silver Bullet could be positioned as a dual-function device, shaving down the inside of your gripper handles as you got stronger. If I had to guess, the amount of wear will be in the range of what any CoC gripper goes through with serious use, but Bill raises a good point, so let's see what happens down the road.

Also want to thank Matt for what he said and guys here probably know that IronMind developed this as both a training tool and a new event for competition.

IronMind developed the CoC Silver Bullet because we wanted a way for everyone to enjoy grippers to the max, regardless of whether they thought their hands were too big, too small or just right; plus we wanted to make grippers a visually exciting event for spectators, so they could get into what the competitors were doing and cheer them on. TEDS insisted that it also be inexpensive (so that a lot of guys could have access to it) and be completely objective and standardized (so that the records would really mean something).

Looks like the world record is about to get challenged again, so that's pretty exciting.

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I'm thinking that there are at least a few women who can immediately be in the hunt for this and maybe more.

Maybe some of the guys here know some women who are/might be interested in grip strength and the CoC Silver Bullet might be a fun way for them to get started—in training and in competition.

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just put my order in for a silver bullet... is it the diameter of a coc handle or the diameter of a IMtug? or somwhere inbetween... Thank you

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