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My one year anniversary since I discovered grip and joined the GB!

I just wanted to state my appreciation for everybody who's helped me along the way, and commemorate the progress I've had within the past year.

My special thanks goes to:

Bill Piche, for doing so much to promote the sport

Matt Cannon, for moderating the board and making a gripper wonderland website

MightyJoe Musselwhite, for being a great grip friend

Jarrod Levulett and David (TheWalrus) for schooling me in AW

Matt (hellswindstaff) for being a fellow badass and motivating me

All who are on the journey with me to close the #2.5, and eventually the #3

All who are on the journey with me to achieve a one arm pull up

All who have given me words of encouragement/advice/put me in my place

And here's some of the progress that I've made in the past year that I've worked towards my goals:

-Max gripper close went from sub 90#s to mid 120#s

-1APU progressed from needing 30#s of assist to less than 5#s. Just a heavy hair away.

-Gripper collection went from 2 to 30.

-According to some witnesses, my arm wrestling has greatly improved. First competition is just weeks from now.

The Gripboard has been a great place to be, and I've met many great friends who share common objectives with me.

Thank you again to the moderators who keep this place so civil and helpful.

PS. Tomorrow is my birthday, so anybody who has a few hundred dollars lying around is urged to donate it to my gripper fund (just kidding).

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Congrats and happy birthday! That's great progress in one year's time. My own 1 year Gripiversary is only a few weeks away.

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Congrats on your improvement. Keep working hard and setting bigger goals. My 1 year anniversary is around this time as well.

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Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing.

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Yori, I appreciate your kind comment buddy!

I'm very happy for you and what you've accomplished and I'm very pleased I actually

got to meet you in person and the place where we met couldn't have been any better.

The Stark Museum of Physical Culture!

Keep doing what you're doing and if I can help you I will!

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Thanks to everybody who took the time to read!

Being here means the world to me.

Thanks to each and every one of you. Great things will be achieved in the future!

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