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A New Range Of Grippers.


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Hurry up with the pics, I'm interested.

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Just to tell you i'm interested. Won't buy some straight away (BBs will come first) but i'm still looking for an "Amaury" gripper (or more) in the near future ! EXCELLENT initiative.

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How come you don't have a Web sight or a catalogue to order from?

Iam also a grip fanatic,and would love to try out some of the grip devices you make.I've seen some pics of the grippers and dumbells.Iam based in the USA,in the state of Pennsylvania. :cool

crush till ya can't crush no more!!!

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Here are some prices in dollars for the RB grippers.

Aluminium handles with either a black or silver chromium spring

$22 Dollars each.

Chromium plated steel handles and spring black or silver through out

$25 Dollars each.

Chromium plated Aluminium handles with chromium plated spring,black or silver throughout $25 Dollars each.

Name Engraving $15 Dollars each gripper.

Brass Handled grippers with either a black or silver chromium spring Availability and price in the next 6 Weeks.

Complete Chromium gripper(not plated) in black or silver. Availability and price in the next 6 Weeks.

Shipping $10 Dollars each gripper.

Thankyou all.

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I learned from David Horne to send cash to the UK ( IronGrip Mag),

because of the fees that are charged for money orders or cashiers

checks from the USA.

You request the same? cash?. Might be a point to let the Board know :cool

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Robert Baraban has asked me to post the following message on his behalf,as his English is not so good :D

Out of courtecy and respect for Dr.Randall Strossen,the next batch of

RB Crushers will not have a band around the middle of each handle or come with standard steel handles as they resemble a coc gripper in looks.

The next batch will have all the springs chromium plated and either a couple of bands on the handles but not in the middle or no springs at all.

This is due to a conversation between myself and Dr.Strossen at the OHF Dinner,in which he politely commented on the 2 grippers being very similar in appearance,i asked him what he would like and he said the band in the middle removed,this will be done on the next batch,unfortunately Robert had already taken delivery of the 1st batch of handles with bands on,they are 2 costly to throw in the bin,so will be sold and the next batch modified accordingly.

Robert would also like to thank the many people who have contacted him about the RB Crushes and other products and is realy grateful for the support of the Wannagrip the Gripboard and its members :D

I am also very grateful for all the enquiries and support off,of Wannagrip,the gripboard and its members :rock Thanks a bunch.

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Hia Rick,hows da trainin goin :D

Good point,Robert Baraban is takin care of the USA deliveries for now,i.m just gonna deal with the UK and a bit of Europe for now :D

But if anyone needs any answers or help,i,m never far away please feel free to ask me via the number 1 gripboard in de world or email me on

Hgnasher@aol .com


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How about stamping the grippers "RB"... that way they won't get confused with the IM grippers.

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Gazza, what about the different strengths of the grippers. How do they rate from easiest to most difficult, and how do they compare in difficulty to Ironmind grippers?

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Extremely interested as well. Also wondering how they compare with BB and IM grippers. If you custom the spring with diff. metal or have it plated would that have a huge impact on strength of gripper.

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Robert has rated all the grippers roughly how the are stamped

EG:-The 160IP is about a 1.5,and the 210,240 and 260 are all between

a#2 and average #3,the 300Ip is a hard #3 or Elite.

Robert is much more experienced than me on the grippers being a captain of crush and gettin his #4 down to 6mms,were as i can close the #2 on a good day.

Jeff not shure how they compare to the bb grippers mate,i dont have any of them.

The springs that are chromium plated are a little harder as you also have the thickness of the chromium to crush,pluss they look loads better than a standard steel spring.

Also and this is dead neet :rock Robert will take a #3 0r #4 gripper

take out the spring ,chromium plate the spring,reincert it and also if wanted chromium plate the whole gripper,engrave your name on it etc.

So once again the idea is not to copy a certain gripper,but to add to it and give people more choice,which is kickin for us guys and gals :rock

Snott,the stampimg of the gripper is already done,the IP is on one handle,Robert thought that he should leave the other side empty to keep the costs down and incase people want there names engraved on the other handle.The band in the middle is what makes it look like an ironmind gripper.

Sinse there is no patent on the grippers,we could have said up yours to Dr.Strossen,but myself and Robert have a lot of respect for him as he makes some great products as do PDA and Warren Tetting,and

Dr.Strossen helped start off a lot of this grip stuff and continues to do so :cool But there is only many ways in which you can change a bog standard gripper,that is why Robert is trying to dyversify a little.

I think that indirectly the RB grippers help Ironmind sell theres and the other way round as when somone closes a #2 they then try the #3 only to realise its out of reach unless your Nathan,Heath,Dave etc,you then get the RB 210 or One from WW or Warren Tetting to plug the gap and it continues.

Anyway thanks for the responses and listening,i will speak to Robert and ask him to give me an outline of why he picked and rated the variou grippers and there material.

All the best................................GAZZA...........................................

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gazza, any chance of getting Robert to produce more of the WT grippers? :) What's the minimum order it would take for him to produce a batch of these monsters?

Train smart!

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If there is enough interest then yes,i will ask him,if he did they would not be cheap as the handles are silid chromium. :D

I,ll ask him later for what he thinks the minimum order would be.

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Hi all.

I've just received a pair of Baraban grippers from Gazza (160IP & 210IP) and I used them this morning for the first time. They seem to fall nicely either side of my number 2, just as advertised!

I can close my No2 but the 210 stopped me about half an inch short, so now I have a new target on the way to No3. I will definitely get the others as soon as I can afford it.

Quality wise they are very good - in fact they are hard to tell apart from the CoC's unless you get the pretty black-chrome springs like I did.

If you want a gripper to bridge the gap between 1 and 2, or 2 and 3 I would say definitely consider these.

Andrew Christie.

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I want to buy the whole gripper collection ! :)

1. 160 IP / Aluminum handles / Both spring and handles chromium plated.

2. 210 IP / Aluminum handles / Spring chromium plated.

3. 240 IP / Aluminum handles / Spring silver chromium plated.

4. 260 IP / Steel handles / Fully zinc plated.

5. 300 IP / Brass handles / Silver chromium spring.

PS. I want name engraving on all the grippers. :rock

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Has asked me to ask gripboard members.

How many people are interested in a Gripper between the #4 and

World Class :D

Also 1 between the World Class and the WT :D

If theres enough interest these will start getting made now and will like the rest be upto the Robert Baraban QUILITY :D

Just like to add

The brass handled grippers with Chromium spring silver or black will

be $25 Dollars Each,plus shipping.

The Solid Chromium handled grippers in black or silver are $35 Dollars each,plus shipping.

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I think that brass handled ones are awesome!! I am considering a brass @ 300ip. I would gladly pay that for one.

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Like yourself,everyone seams to like the Bsass handled grippers :D

300IP,putty in your hands mate :D If you all Holler loud enough i will try and get Robert to make some tougher ones,what would you all like to see. :D

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If you all Holler loud enough i will try and get Robert to make some tougher ones,what would you all like to see.

I would really like a 3.5 or a 3.75 range gripper. He would know where and what poundage that would fall into. Once again, VERY impressive work!!

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Heath and others

Thanks for the feedback,Robert will be bringing out more RB Crushers

with higher IP,s than the 300IP,these like the Left hand would grippers are 5-8weeks away,by the time Robert checks out the new springs,he has to take a days holiday of work everytime he visits the spring manufacturer which is approx 100miles from his house,it is this attention to detail which is being passed onto you the end customer.They will not be produced until they are right,which means makins and assembling 1-2 of each strength gripper,material;s etc,these are then tested by Robert and sent to me,i then give them a squeeze and a once over,then they are made for you,AS LONG AS PEOPLE HAVE A BIT OF PATIENCE,in the long run it will pay off,as you will all end up with nicer grippers for your patience. :D

You all must also understand that Engraving/inscribing of names etc also all takes time,and also the fact that the distance between Austria/England and the USA is quite a distance and we can only go as fast as the post.

Some of yoy in time to come will no doubt end up getting cheesed of waiting for your grippers,I HAD A BIG FALL OUT WITH JOHN S FROM PDA

i realise now the problems that you can have as a business trying to keep everyone happy,you cant at all times.and I REALIZE NOW THAT I PROBABLY WAS A LITTLE HASTY AND RUDE TO JOHN over at PDA.

(SORRY JOHN)I am big enough to admit when i make a mistake,but i will always try to be honest with you all,if it is gonna take say ^weeks for a particular gripper,then i will tell you it will take 6weeks,and i hope that you all will respect this.

Also Robert has a daytime job as an industrial chemist,i work on and off,So we are not a fulltime business like Ironmind or PDA,yes we could let other people do the work,but then the control goes out of are hands and you are back to that old quility control thing again.I think a little more waiting time is worth it for a better product :D

All for now....GAZZA.

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Robert has asked me to piont out that anyone buying a Brass handled gripper ,will from time to time have to clean the handles of gripper as the Brass will Tarnish/Oxidize and go darker in colour,this can be corrected if you take some wire wool or a small steel brush and scrub the handles from time to time.

Also please NOTE that the N for narrow spread grippers are only available in 3 IP strengths,240ip,260ip,and 300ip. and not as originally said in 5 strengths.

Thankyou all for listening...........GAZZA...............

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The NEXT BATCH of RB CRUSHER Grippers will be made with no BAND on the handles,this is out of respect to Dr.Strossen at Ironmind.

When i receive some of these new grippers off,pf Robert i will Photograph them and ask Wannagrip to put them up,Pleasew bear this in mind when ordering,as the RB Grippers are going to look a little different,than the ones up on the board now.

All for now....GAZZA....................................

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