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Unique Fbbc Grippers


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Looking at grippers on FBBC's site I saw two things offered there I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else - vertical knurl and hex handles. As far as I can tell no other gripper company does these handles. I couldn't find anything on the site about what makes them better/harder/whatever or any feedback on those handles by Googleing it. Anyone here have either of those handles? What's good/bad about them?

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I've played with both.

The vertical knurling is weird. They are kind of a cross between smooth and knurled. The groves offer some "stick" for the fingers, but only really through the middle of the ROM. Otherwise the vertical grooves kind of act like railroad tracks and make give an unsteady feeling I didn't like. Also makes them hard to rate with the RGC method. I have to put double-sided tape on the handle so the strap doesn't get dumped off the end.

The hex handles are challenging because they are smooth and have edges in your palm and fingers. They are most similar to smooth handled grippers and, in my opinion, just a novelty.

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I've been thinking of getting some of their smooth handled ones, just for when I've had a brutal week on weighted pull-ups, and my hands are raw and blistered. Those brass ones look pretty cool too.

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