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Darkening A Grippers Stamp


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Ive noticed many times while trying to record closes, that either seeing the stamp or keeping it in focus can be a pain. So Ive started using a magic marker to fill the stamp area in, that way it shows up on camera easier. Dont know if any of you guys have done this, but it does help to see the stamp.

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Absolutely. Additionally...using different sharpie colors on the bands help differentiate the CoC's from afar.

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Pack the stamp with chalk, then wipe the excess away. This leaves only the stamped area (letters and numbers) white against a silver background.

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I would also say if you're having a problem seeing the stamp on video then your video set up could be better. Try shooting somewhere with more light, such as the bathroom. Seriously, it works! Also check if your camera has a "macro" setting for video that will allow it to focus sharper up close.

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I colored in the end of my CoC handles with a different colored crayon. Heated the end up to melt the crayon then wiped away the excess.

Of course this was in the past when I had a crappy camera. I have since researched camera's and now own a sweet Canon that has 1080 HD video

and awesome macro focus ability. Takes the guess work out of the close up shots on the CoC handle.

I think every gripper guy here should invest in a decent camera as part of their workout equipment. It's a vital piece in making video's.

How many times have we seen or made a video where the member spends about a minute trying to get the handle in focus??

I used to be one of "those guys". :grin:

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