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Movin On Up!


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I just got my COC 3 in the mail today and it is beautiful. I think I crush my BCs harder and with disdain that I now know a superior product. I cant close it but its a doable challenge and going for it amps me up to do reps with my old slain nemesis the BC300.

Here they are side by side. My new muse and my ex, who is now second fiddle. Not to continue the personification, but note the difference in space between the legs! Huge!


On grip work days I think I will go at the 3 with all Ive got, then do some low rep sets with the BC300, then some "overcrushes" or iso holds with the BC200 for time. Then throw in some holds on an improvised hangboard and eagle loop pull ups and Im good to go!

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I started out with the same grippers. I bought them under the name Gladiator grips but they are identical to BCs. I got some IM grippers soon after and was impressed.

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I have been sporadically working on grip like 0-2x a week and that #3 is a pita. I can get the BC300 like 7-8 times on a top set now, and can just barely do braced closes with the #3, but there are no intermediate victories here... Might get a2.5 to feel better about myself.

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I started with HGs, which are the same thing as BCs too.

I fell in love with the way the HG200 felt when I first tried it, and I have yet to feel the same way about C.o.C.s

Although geometrically and esthetically they're superior, I've always preferred the feel of an HG more, for some reason.

I guess I'm a grip hipster for liking unpopular shit...

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