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The Gripster

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Some of you may have seen this page, but for those who have not it shows many pics of old time strongmen.

Unknown photo #4. Impressive forearms.

Unknown photo #5. A Rick Walker ancestor maybe? :whistel

Same heart warming smile too. :D :stuart Don't you agree?

Just kidding Rick. :)

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Thats my brother!!!!!!! WOW! :D:tongue

No-I dont know who it is-though he looks like a cool dude.

Rick Walker :rock

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Forgot to add that at top of page click on HOME. You can see a movie from 1904 of Beatrice Alice and Albert Treloar doing pose down routines. It's better if you have fast connection so you can download faster. The movie was made by Thomas Edison. Don't know if Roark has this on Iron History.

Roark if you see the photo gallery, do you know who any of the unknowns are? Thanks.

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This is the site that proports the lies of Sandow, and how "great" Sandow really was. Just read the Saxon page. He was never involved in the WW1, and Roark can back that fact up.

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This is a very informative site, nothing like

reading the history on some of the great

people that were here before us in such a

small world that we live in


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