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Dud Versus Dup


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Can someone confirm I understand this correctly:

MM1 Dud

This would be a gripper ordered from Warren that was supposed to be an MM1 duplicate, but the specs were screwed up somehow or the difficulty was way off and yet it was still stamped MM1.

MM1 Dup

This would be a gripper that matches the specs and difficulty of the real thing fairly well.


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This was not my understanding at all. I thought the terms were interchangeable. I can gurantee you they are to Warren as my Wife has ordered more than one "dud" for me as Christmas gifts.

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Interesting, jad, thank you.

I agree that they seem to be used interchangeably. I just didn't know if there was technically a difference.

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I think the confusion comes from people selling grippers that weren't up to expecations and calling them duds as well as dud being used when the MM process first started and people wanted to buy copies of it to train with.

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There have actually been some mistakes made in a couple of the grippers when they were made by Warren for the MM certs. Hence, the term I used was DUD when they were sold. :)

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