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Old Rolling Thunder Vs. New Rolling Thunder

Matt Brouse

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I apologize if this has been hashed out repeatedly but the old search isn't offering me much. When the "new handle" came out I recall hearing that it was knocking like 30 pounds or so off of everyone's best lifts. That it rolled more freely and was just tougher... Then I disappeared for a while.

Now, two or three weeks ago I tired pulling on the "new handle" for the first time and I have found it incredibly easy compared to my old handle as well as Adam's.

So what's the bottom line with this? Easier or harder than the "old handle?"

Adam has apparently ordered a second new handle so might we find if the current one is somehow defective... Who knows.

Thanks for the guidance, yo.

Stay gangsta.

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Without going into a deep forum search, I'd also like to hear about any differences between the "new handle" and "old handle". The changes are all news to me. I currently don't own any rolling thunder and use a homemade version. I'd like to pick up a legit one eventually but if there has been changes I'd like to hear about it. Has anyone worked with newer and older Rolling Thunders and have some insight?

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Dude, throw out anything you heard about old easier than new. I am stronger on the new handle. The case of old is easier is due to RTs that were all jacked and sticky. If all things are spinning smooth on both styles the new is easier IMO. The feel is WAY better, chalk holds to it too. The old handle just never felt right no matter how much I tried to get used to it.

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You can always squirt some powder graphite into the old one for an uber slick feel. :rolleyes

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What is a little confusing is that the "new" handle that was manufactured for just a few months a few years back really was more difficult, so they made some adjustments to it and have the version that exists now. It may be a few pounds more difficult than the original, but not much. It appears to hold its quality longer than the old version. Personally, I think there was just a bit more variability in the old ones than the newer ones. Anyone who had the discontinued "new" model was able, if they wanted, to turn it in, for free, in exchange for the last version. That is what I did. I have owned 3 "old" ones, one new Version I, and the latest new Version II. I like the handle, and recently pulled more on it than I ever did on any other handle. And, since it is highly unlikely that, at Age 57, I have "gotten much stronger on an implement after working it for 12 years", I do not buy that the "new" ones are significantly harder than the older ones.

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