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Rolling Thunder

Old Dax

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I was wondering if there is agreement on how to train for the rolling thunder or similar.

As I see it you could hold for time, lift off floor for reps at a certain weight, add weight until failure or a combination of all three.

I currently do grippers 2-3 times a week and wrist curls / forearms (leverage) twice a week. I'm not looking to specialize but would like to train the rolling thunder (or my equivalent) to improve.

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Be careful with high reps. RT is very taxing on the bicep and as reps go on you're setting yourself up for a strain or tear. This happened to me and three years later it still nags me sometimes.

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What worked for me back in the day was many singles with a very small weight increase each time, until the weight was too heavy to lift. I did this one day a week. I have no doubt that timed holds would work very well. Reps has cearly worked for Laine Snook. I never trained that way myself.

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Yeah, finding a good training approach for this has been something I've been struggling with too. Lately I think I found something that works, at least for me. I train it once a week, and take a 5/4/3/2/1 approach. Do 5, rest; add 10lbs, do 4, rest; etc. I only did singles till I saw Laine Snook pulling 300lbs for reps, and got inspired to change things up. In the last month, ive gone up 5lbs on it, so I think it's helped me.

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