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Hand Size And #3 Closers

Tom of Iowa2

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I know we have listed hand size before.And COC's come in a variety of hand sizes( and it IS obviously very important to have long hands on Thick bar lifts and wide pinches)

BUT.How many no. 3 closers have

hands less that 7.75inches?How many have hands larger than 7.75?

Got to thinking after gripper 32001 last topic...and having observed watching some really large handed indidviduals fumble around with these little toys :) and some small handed guys not being able to quite make the stretch to close em...but they DO seem/appear to fit right into some guys hands??(although a set will give anyone a big PLUS)

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7 3/4 (4 1/2 of which is palm)

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I see that many have hands that are 7 3/4 inches, mine are too. I have to set the gripper well to close tough grippers otherwise I get no leverage at all. The only advantage I can see if a guy has large hands is that he dont have to bother to set the gripper.

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