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While We're Assessing Strength...Another Poll

Guest Danjo

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Guest Danjo

Thei is another of those roll calls to see what we've got. Who can bend the 60d nail past the 90 degree angle using only their hands (and something to wrap the nail in). Honesty counts, since there is no certification for this one ;)

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    I've bent a "Medium" 60-penny with 1.25" cut off and the Ironmind Blue with 5" cut off.  I think these are my best bends, but I've done so many lengths and widths it's hard to say.  I may have braced part of the 5" Ironmind bend to get it past the sticking point, I can't remember it's been awhile since I've done this.  I know for certain that I can bend the 5" length to the sticking point with no bracing, but it's tough and something I do only when I'm at a peak and everything's "working" smoothly (i.e., no minor injuries).

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I've bent 60d nails and one of my goals is to u-shape the Ironmind blue nail behind my back. While I find that bending nails is great fun, for me, tackling even bigger pieces of steel is even more fun!

Best regards to any and all who have accepted the challenge of bending steel!

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Guest 2DOGZ

I went out and bought a whole selection of nails 16,20,40,60 (The Iron Mind "nails" are too expensive)... I can barely make a dent in the 16penny nails... I can close the #2 COC in my right hand (so, I have some strength)... I've incorporated a "weight + string" exercise to increase my strength for this exercise... Any ways, all I've got to say is that nail bending is a very very unique exercise...

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Guest woody36


         I've bent british 6" nails,they were tough to

bend at least for me.I assume they are the same as a

60d nail,i did this over a three week period.

 first week=i put slight bend in nail.

second week=new nail,managed to bend this one

 further but gave up too soon=lesson learned

third week=I read the Black Log,picked up a new nail

and bent it into a U. It took 4-5 tries to bend, i was'nt

any stronger than on my first nail the only thing that

had changed was my frame of mind.


          Keep pushing against the bigger nails

in an isometric fashion it really helps,just try bending

it with all you've got for five, 10 second pushes.

 most of all believe in yourself,


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Guest Danjo


the 60d is 6 inches in length and 1/4 of an inch in diameter. You'll have to get a metric conversion table to do the math comparison.

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