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New Grip Tip "brookfield"


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I just tried it & I like it :rock "The Rotation"

I do something similar with a sledge hammer.http://www.ironmind.com/griptip.shtml

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Guest wells

Cool Exercises. Try turning the steel knobs on a steel door with your training partner.

A 'buddy' of mine in Bahrain, a powerlifter on the Bahrain National Lifting Team, and I would battle over door knob turns. We would each take a grip on a doorknob, either side of the steel door to the Training Center's equipment room, and go at it for minutes. It would drive him crazy that my 78kg. skinny ass was able to manhandle the knob everytime and turn it completely against his 115 kg. I kept telling him it had nothing to do with weight!

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One handed wrist roll.....pretty neat! and it makes perfect sense. This should be a wonderful exercise for those who like to bend, too. :rock

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Like Gripper32001, I do a "twisting" leverage exercise similar to this. But not sure if we're doing the same thing, so... I have my arm straight out and rotate my wrist from side to side, i.e. I point the sledge straight up, then rotate to one side until parallel to the ground, then rotate back over and to the other side until parallel... it hurts... try it.

Unlike this rotation exercise, with the sledge I have a "hammer" type grip, not a "screwdriver" type grip.

So I was thinking that a nice variant of "The Rotation" would be to attach a handle to the pole - i.e. like a police baton - so you can turn the pole using a "hammer" grip. You could grip above or below the pole, if you know what I mean.

(hmmm... my first post... perhaps my lurking days are over?... maybe :whistel... cheers!)

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