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Double Jointed Thumb- A Curse & Blessing


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This is just something I'd share with you guys, it's not really a question or anything. My left thumb is double jointed, but my right isn't, so any time I train with the extensor bands, it feels really awkward with my left because of the double joint, and I end up having to position my thumb a little differently compared to my right hand (it's closer to my index finger on the left hand). Because of this, there's more tension in the band around my pinky finger, and over time it's really hit the meat part of my hand just below (the part of your hand that strikes a blow when doing a 'karate chop!'). I guess all that extra tension over time has developed it further, because I can now tense and move the muscle in my hand without moving my pinky finger. The double joint is a curse because it makes it harder to train extensors with bands, the thumb just wants to bend, but I've managed so far. But as a blessing, I can twitch a muscle that most people can't :D

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