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Weightlifting Shoes


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I am looking to get some new shoes for the gym and wanted to see if anyone could recommend a pair for me.

I am using Chucks right now but I am wanting to experiment with a shoe with a slight heel. Something like .5-.75 inches.

On the top of my list is the 2012 Rogue Do Wins. I have also considered Inzer's Pillar shoes, but am not sure if a high top is what I want. ADIDAS Adistar is up there on the list as well only because I found a site that sells them for $159 as opposed to the $200 they sell for usually.

I would get the ADIDAS Powerlift Trainer's http://www.shopadidas.com/product/mens-weightlifting-power-lift-trainer-shoes/SN823?cid=G45632&search=weightlifting because they look awesome and have a good price but I hear from reviews the heel starts to compress a little after loads of 400+lbs.

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You can sort of "try them out" with a pair of dress shoes with a slight heel. I have the Adidas Olympic Lifting shoes and love them - but I do the Olympic lifts etc quite a bit. A raised heel changes things up a lot compared to chucks.

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That's a good idea to see if they might suite my form. How do your adidas feel on back squats?

I seldom do back squats but the answer on how they feel is dependent on how you squat. I am an upright sort of Oly squatter and I love the raised heel - I squat very deep and don't care about my one rep max number. If you are a low bar - sit back - power lifter type squatter - you may not like them.

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I bought a pair or A&S a while back to give them a try as they were a fairly cheap experiment. I wore them for a few months but eventually went back to a minimal/flat sole with the New Balance Minimus. I really like them for all work plus they've got way better traction than the Chucks.


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