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Plier Lifts


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i'm thinking of adding these into my routine for a little break from the grippers. i was wondering if any of ya'll out there would know what a respectable poundage would be for these. i tried them yesterday by clamping the pliers onto a link in the chain i use to hold plates and did 60lbs without too much difficulty, but how far have i got to go before i get a half-way respectable poundage?

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I do plier lifts.Try varying the thickness of the object that you are clamping down on.

I use about 1/8" as the smallest(actually a big carabiner)and then have had bars-of varying thickness- made that have

a hook on it(so you can utilize an Iron Mind loading pin).

I have 1/4", 3/8", 1/2, 3/4", 7/8" bars.They are about 3 or 4 inches long.If you have some one that welds and has some scrap it takes a bout 5 minutes to weld a hook on it.I suppose you could drill a hole through them and just bolt the 'hook'on.

The others -i train with- have lost interest in the lift but i like it and think it may indirectly help you with the grippers.

I have a few different types/angles of Pliers....you'll break or ruin any cheapies.

I've posted this before but when the boss isn't looking i just clamp on to a dumbell and lift it off the rack.Some are 7/8"...some are 1inch.Thats tougher as the pliers are just about wide open.

Good luck.

The poundages you will work up to(depending on thickness of bar/object lifted)can be pretty significant. ;)

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yeah, that's kinda what i was thinking tom. i especially want to work on wider objects hoping maybe it would help my sweep on the grippers. mine just sucks.

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