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Grippers Ratings, Manufacturer Vs Rgc


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I took some data from manufacturers and from Gripper Superstore and plotted them out to see if some manufacturer were better or worse and in the difference change as the grippers got harder.

As far as I can tell, RBs are somewhat harder in reality compared to their official rating. All grippers seem to progress in a linear fashion, which is good.

Diagam here:


I'll probably do a few more of these to check the standard deviation and other stuff. Is there a collected data file with gripper ratings anywhere that can be used?

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A cursory look at the standard deviation put it at about 2-3% of the RGC. Some of the grippers that Gripepr SUperstore has in their database have too few observations, but I think we can be confident to generalize anyway.

Standard deviation is a measure of variability. In practice, this mean that the mean value +/- 1 standard deviation covers 68,2% of all observed points. +/- 2 standard deviations covers 95,4% of all observed points.

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Here is a diagram for the standard deviation. As you can see, there is some overlap between grippers.

Observe that most of the grippers with a big variance has very few observations and thus the variance is bigger. IT is very likely that with more observations both the mean and especially the standard deviation would change.

See this as something interesting and not an indictment of a manufacturer.


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Great data! Thanks man.

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