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Review - Mash Monster 8, 9, & 10


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Here's a video review of the MM 8, 9, and 10 Replica Grippers I got from GSS!

I have to give Wade an extra BIG Thank You for going out of his way to get these grippers

right. There was one "M" stamped on the 8, and 9 and after I told him ALL my other MM Replicas

had 2 M's on one handle and the number on the other handle. Wade had an 8 and 9 made like

I requested without any hassle whatsoever.

Can't beat GSS!!!

I'm new with my video camera so I apologize if it's not up to standards.

I'll get better with practice. Promise!

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Where's the video, Joe? Can't wait to see it!


Hey Joe what is with the black lines that show up in the video? Did you put the camera on old fashoned style or somthing. Or dose it just realy suck?

Kidding I know you got a good camera.

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Where's the video, Joe? Can't wait to see it!

Okay, I see it on your blog and in Rich's reply. Lots of good background info. I can't wait to see your videos of your 200+ grippers.

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WOW! Feel like an idiot for sure!

My apologies!

Is there really black lines in this video? I don't seem them.

Yes, the camera is new and the learning curve is steep. It's not the camera, it's me.


Here's the video:

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I see the lines you mention now.

Had my camera set to cinema with an old time movie filter. No good!

From now on I'll set it without any filter.

Again, my apologies!

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