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How Much Weight For Home Training?


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I want a home gym for my grip training. I'm a complete beginner with all this (you can find what I can do right now in my signature) so I need some advice for how much weight would be needed from the get go to train effectively for the Rolling Thunder, Pinch Grip and Hub-style pinch. Twist to wrist will be added as well at a later date.

I can spend some money on this but don't want to over spend on weight plates I can't handle yet.

So, what do I need?

Thank you!

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If that's all you're planning on doing with it about 200# of steel plates would be sufficient. Look for used as well. No point in buying new plate at a premium unless there's something specific you're looking for.

Another option is you can usually buy a 300# Olympic Set complete with a bar a decent price. Then you can just keep adding weight as required or when you find deals on used stuff.

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Yeah, I don't have the space at home for training the whole body.

If I skip plate pinches at home and do them at the gym instead, would that affect what I need for the other things?

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You could just buy the implements and a loading pin and do all of the lifts at the gym then.

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I could, but the gym is bad and I want to spend as little time there as possible. People doing their zombie thing on the treadmills and whatnot annoy me. :-) And I have to start my home gym somewhere.

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In your situation, I would just get some block weights for at home.

By the time you have a loading pin, handles, plates, a place to drop the weights, a place to store it all - well, you're just about there with a basic home gym. All you'll be missing is the barbell.

If you're sure of the path with the handles and loading pin, get those, take them to the gym. Figure out how much weight you need, then buy it for at home. 200lbs in plates probably falls under the "more than you'll ever need" category.

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