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Kta, Vulcan And Other Questions


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Hello all,

Just started KTA (well, one week in) and would be aiming for the CoC #3 but realistically if I can get the BBSM shut then I'll be happy.

I haven't been around the board for a very long time and have just noticed the Vulcan . . . yeah, yeah, I know.

So, if I get one do I just use it instead of the grippers I have been working with and continue with KTA or should I switch and microload my way to a stronger grip ... or perhaps I should stick with TSGs for the time being?

Maybe in the future I'd perhaps like to shoot for some kind of certification if that's within my grasp but from what I've heard the Vulcan doesn't offer much carry-over to TSGs (which I'm not convinced by . . . a strong grip is a strong grip, isn't it? Or am I barking up the wrong kettle of fish?).

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I like the Vulcan. Saves you a lot of money. You can microload which you can not do with TSG's. Or buy a calibrated one as the next gripper up, but I don't know anyone who sells them. That's why it saves money. But that's my 2 cts.

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Seeings as you've already started with TSG and would take a bit to get the V2. I'd suggest stay on track and complete KTA with the TSG as you know your current strength levels, etc. then do a second cycle with the V2 once you learn how to set it a bit so you're working at your real strength levels. Just my 2c


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My 2cts:

Stick with the kta first. It will give you a very good handstrength, toughens up the skin and will teach your hands a lot about grippers. After you finished kta, buy a vulcan. The vulcan will improve your set enormously, and this has very good transfer to torsionspring grippers. I wouldn't use a vulcan instead of tsg's, but with tsg's. They complement each other.

And then, when you really got the hang of it, you'll start bending too, do rolling thunder work and add other grip related stuff.

Come to think of it, this is exactly what I did in the last 2 years!

RT. :)

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Thanks all,

I've actually been at this lark on-and-off for about 7 years and had already done a full KTA about 5 years ago. I've done a bit of bending too (mainly working my way through FBBC stock and lots and lots of nails).

The Vulcan was just something new I'd seen when I looking for some more BB grippers to take me beyond the BBSM and was just weighing up the cost / benefit.

I reckon I'm fully up to speed on it now though as I've been in touch with David Horne direct.

Cheers again.

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