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How To Tell Blobs Apart - Fatman Blobs Versus Next Generation Blobs

Jedd Johnson

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As the awareness of Blobs continues to spread, there are more and more questions.

Also, as the demand to add a Blob to a collection of Grip Toys increases, so do the prices.

Last year a good friend of mine gave me an uncut 100-lb York Dumbbell as a gift. He was able to get a hold of it at a very modest price and he gave it to me.

Also, at the very end of the year last year, another person did the same thing, asking only to get one of the halves of the dumbbell when I cut it up.

I wanted to make sure to take this video before I cut up either one of these dumbbells in order to establish once and for all (hopefully) the difference between a Fatman Blob and a Next Generation Blob. I am sure there are people out there who think they may have one but actually have the other, and going by one of the comments I got on this video, there may have been cases where someone sold what they advertised as a Fatman, only to have it be a Next Generation.

So, here is the video, using completely uncut dumbbells, to show the absolute best way to tell whether what you have is a legitimate Fatman Style Blob or a next Generation Blob.

With my experience and with the two dumbbells near one another, I can tell by looking which one is a Fatman, as can many of you, but without the two beside one another it is tough. I first thought the Next Gen in this video was a Fatman when i got it, but then when I turned it over, I knew that was not the case.

If anyone else is is interested in specific measurements, I can take them. If I can get my hands on a micrometer, I will measure the handles on video as well. I believe Richard said that the handle sizes were different between the two types.

If you know of a difference between the two types, let me know and I will do my best to get them on fil and post them here as a resource as well.



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I'd like to give my opinion ...If you don't mind :)

The new Genreation York Dumbbells have thicker 1-1/16 handles The older ones have a 1 inch handle....... I use an open end combination wrench for size reference. And theres another way to measure them too if you don't have a caliper..You can use tailors flexible tape measure. Their pretty cheap too...I'm sure your wives or Mom's probably have one in their sewing kits.


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This is a great suggestion. I knew there was a measurement difference but could not remember what it was, so that you very much for adding it here. If this helps one guy make a wiser, more edcucated choice when buying these for his collection, then I consider it worth the efffort, so thanks again.

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