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Impressive Bathroom Scale Accuracy

Mikael Siversson

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Point calibrated my bathroom scale for the competition. Even though it was pretty expensive (cost me about $100 ten years ago) I am still impressed by just how accurate it is (after 10 years of usage). The brand is PHILIPS.

58.95 actual weight - 59.0 indicated

65.87 - 65.8 ind.

73.89 - 74.0 ind.

83.01 - 83.0 ind

93.04 - 93.0 ind.

I will point-calibrate it for 105k and 120k at the gym prior to the competition.

For anyone interested I have video clip of both the weighing of my Euro set up (159Mb) and point calibration of an actual 82.37k (80Mb).

The Euro set up (@64mm width and including collars) indicated 26.236k on my $200 non-certified office type scale.

26.25k of certified Eleiko weights recorded 26.291k and 26.00k recorded 26.037k. I have therefore assigned 26.20k (rounded off to the nearest 10 grams) to the Euro set up (all the weighing is on one of the videos and can be produced on request via eg YouSendIt).

Given the 200g resolution of the weigh-in scale, we get the following max nominal weights for the weight classes:

59k class - max 58.8 on the scale at weigh-in

66k class - max 65.8

74k class - max 74.0

83k class - max 82.8

93k class - max 92.8

Just to explain; if you weigh 59.0 on my scale you probably weigh 58.86-59.04 and might therefore be above the weight limit.

Needless to say a higher resolution is better for the lifter.

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Very impressive! I did mine yesterday and while mine were close - they were not as close as yours. The whole process really doesn't take that long and was fairly simple to do.

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Just as information - I had point calibrated my scale for my 94K class way back when - and then for the 82.5 class when it was introduced. My scale gave exactly the same reading it did before for the appropriate numbers - so quite consistant over time.

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