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What's A Good Grip Routine At This Level?


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Bought the CoC #1 and #2 a while ago but haven't started seriously training until the last few weeks

Right hand - #1 from parallel set 25 reps, #2 for 2 reps.

Left hand - #1 from parallel set 2 reps.

Big difference!

At my disposal I have a store gripper (50lbs), the #1, and #2. (I also go climbing regularly so there's opportunities for a range of grip work using the features on the wall.)

I've been training in a powerlifting rep range so far, 3x5/5x5, using overcrushes on the store gripper for my left hand. But I don't have a solid structure for progression

Any pointers would be much appreciated!


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Hi jflynn, I feel that for many righthanded people starting with grippers it is more difficult to close it with the left hand bec. the winding direction of the spring typically makes the gripper sort of rather "slide into" the palm when you use it with your right hand, and "slide out of the palm" (i.e. up you thumb pad) when you use it with your left, for lack of better explanation. This can be overcome with good setting technique:

and practice. Once you work on your set technique your left hand #s should go up a bit.

Stll, there are some guys who are even stronger with the left hand like Gabriel Sum, regardes of the handedness of the spring. It doesn't have to be a factor for everyone.

As for training possibilities at the wall - find asymmetric holds for uneven pull-ups where the left is higher (as if training for the OAPU, where the final contraction of the muscles is concentrated on one arm only/mostly) and do a few of them - this should strengthen your left side in case it is not up to par. Same holds for campus training if you do some.

Just my ideas, good luck!

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