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Is It Worth Having A Joe Kinney Secret Weapon Gripper (homemade Or Oth


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just wondering if you think its worth owning one of these grippers?

they seem good for plateau's but from what ive heard they sound nothing but bad trouble for the elbows?

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I have owned one for 6 years and trained on it many different ways. I cannot attribute any specific gain to its use. I would skip it and get more TSGs or a Vulcan.

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ive just bought a vulcan, so i should have that within the next week or 2. unfortunately, being an impulsive person i just bought myself RB's version of the joe kinney secret weapon gripper, and although it seems top notch, with everything ive read so far the ratio of injury to gains is not good. i think im gonna sell it soon.

another thing i have to ask. why does it seem like many people on the boards own a vulcan + many TGS's?

i thought the idea of having a vulcan is so that you dont have to buy lots of TGS's. is it because they have a different feel or something?


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