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How Much Weight For The "go Really" Machine?


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Hey guys.

I have just bought the "go really machine" because I guess, it could help me quite good on making progresses for the higher

grippers (#3 and up). I have just finished the KTA programm, that is to say I´m still in the peaking phase, but with quite good results for the #2,5.

8 trys and 8 closes with the right hand today, 2 closes with the left on 8 trys.

As I dont have weights yet to load the machine and I want to order some, I´m wondering now if e.g. 100 kilos would be enough to train for the #3 to begin with.

Any suggestions from those who have trained with that machine already?

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I have a very similar design to this one and use it a lot. 100kg will probably be a good start for you depending on reps and grip chosen.

I can mms a coc3.5 and Vulcan level 22 from 20mm block set - this equates to a reverse grip single of 200kg for me. 180kg does me for 5 reps reps reverse grip.

Hope this helps.


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100 kg should be more than enough for now I think. You can use the machine for instance with one hand. In that case, if you can close it with 100kg (one hand) I bow for the king :) Btw, you would like to have smaller weightplates, if jumps in weight are to high you can't build up your strength. So 5 plates of 20 kg wouldn't be to wise, a few 5 kg's and 2.5 kg's plates would be nice.

You can place a block of wood under the gripmachine so that the handle width decreases. So you can train the different ROM for the hands.

You can do negatives, closes it with both hands and hold the handles closed with one hand.

Also like Bill said, you can alternate grip. Possibilities are endless I would say. Gripmachines are cool. And it's nice to have some material to change your training.

You can also try and close it with your teeth. In that case, send the video to David Horne and you might win a free T-shirt :flowers:

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Thanks a lot for the answers. I guess that will help me a lot. That video with the one hand close will be send....one day I guess :grin:

And yes, I was planing to buy some smaller weights, too, even in the range of 500g so that I can microload if needed.

Thank you guys also for the good ideas for some exercises to change. I hope that machine will bring me some benefits on the grippers, too. I red an article recently from Heath Sexton were he says that for him it didn´t work to make him stronger on grippers. For others I´ve heard it works quite well.

Well, we´ll see. Anyway, for me gettig stronger on grippers is not the main goal. Getting stronger in general is the goal and so it will do something good anyway. :)

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