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Tom Black's Pinch Lift


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Mr. Black, on your BigSteel webpage I saw a pic of you doing a pinch lift of 120lbs on a wooden block in the shape of a deck of cards.  Did you use this piece in training to tear a deck?  What do you think would be a number to get on this lift before you could tear a deck?  I have no experience tearing cards and I am trying to see what kind of training would be best and work out a technique.  I really enjoy your webpages, some very impressive feats!  Thanks, Chris

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Gluing a playing card on each side of the block would better simulate card tearing. Less weight would be lifted if the cards are slicker than the surface of the block.

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    I was already able to tear a deck before I started doing that lift.  Thus I can’t predict that if you practice this you will be able to tear a deck.  The method I used to progress to a deck of cards was simply cut up cereal boxes to card size and make thicker and thicker decks of cards, tearing a little more each week.  I like BarBender’s idea of gluing a card on each side to better simulate the surface of the card.  Thanks for your comments on my web page.

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