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A Couple Of Questions About Adjustable Grippers


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If anyone could answer these two questions for me I would be most appreciative. Regarding Vulcan and Baraban type adjustable grippers, can you use both the heavy and light spings at the same time to have a cumulative rating of the two springs together, using their single spring rating?

My second question: If the answer to my first question is in the affirmative, does it make any difference which spring is placed on top or bottom.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes and Yes.

But you don’t need to put on both springs. Just put one spring higher up. I don’t know you but the hard sprig on the top will never be too easy for you for both RB and the Vulcan.

If you want to micro load just use rubber bands.

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The "hard" spring on the RB adjustable should keep most average men busy for a while. The new "CROM" spring that's shipping with the Vulcan V2 will keep most all men busy for a while.

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