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Interesting Pinch Idea

Rick Walker

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My left hand is on a week long vacation from KTA training-I have a nice deep rip in my palm that wont heal and is making things damn near impossible as it is right where the gripper sits. Making over 50 #3 closes this weekend finished the job!

So-while my right hand continues its punishment of KTA-my left is forced to find something different. No way am I gonna let him rest for a week!

He spent the morning session picking up my poor mans Blob loaded to 38 pounds 10 times for max holds.

Then-this evening I thought up something cool. I took 2 small chunks of 2X4, placed my strap that I use for strap holds inbetween them, pinched down, and lifted up the weight. You have to pinch with all your might as the strap is 2mm thick and wants to slide out!

I managed 38 pounds for 5 holds and 28 pounds for 5 holds.

This hammering of different exercise will hopefully preserve some strength once the palm is healed and I can commence KTA with it!

Give it a try!

Rick Walker :rock

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Excellent idea Rick!

This would be great training for plate pinches! I've thought about making a pinch block but using two blocks would simulate the plate pinching more!!!! :rock


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My favorite pinchgrip idea, is to hook the pinch block onto a bucket rather than a loading pin. To the bucket, little by little you add sand.

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