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Just Got My # 4 In The Mail


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What a monster. The spring on this thing could be used on a car.

One quick observation. The handles on the # 4 are no were near as wide as the handles on my # 3. Is this normal ? I measured the difference and the # 4 is 1/4 of an inch narrower than my # 3.

btw...I can get the # 3 down to the last inch but I cannot even budge the # 4 :D

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So you got your brick in the mail huh? :D Welcome to the relatively short list of #4 owners. Be sure to feed and water him daily! :laugh

I understand what you mean-the spring on my #4 is so low-lower than I have even seen. Handle spread always differs-thoug my #3s and #4 have the same spread-I wouldnt be too concerned. If anything-the closer spread allows a better set.

Before KTA, I couldnt even set my #4-it was that hard. Now, I can atleast get a good set on it-even if I dont have the strength to crush it-YET.

Rick Walker :rock

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You guys should see Tommy Heslep attack the #4. It only seems to be a matter of time.


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Do you have any pics or vids or Tommy attacking the # 4.

If so please share. I would love to see someone just be able to even budge the # 4.

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I most likely will go after the #4, but in means specializing and not doing much else. At least in my case. Setting is no problem for me. My best has been down to 1/2''. Still lightyears to go.

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Old Guy,

Are you skipping the # 3 cert and going straight for the # 4. I think this is what Mark Henry is also up to. You've been holding out on us haven't you :bow

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