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Home Made Softball Grip Tool


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Saw a post on another forum of someone who put a fish eye hook into softballs and used them for pullups, looked pretty intense so decided to try it myself and it turned out to be a great open hand strength tool. Was just wondering if anyone else here has tried that and if so how many pullups could you do? I only made them yesterday and did only a few to make sure they were strong enough to not rip out.

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We have made them for years have metal ones as well with lat pull down bars, and bolt on rack grip balls with ball ends too. I would caution you the balls of different quality have different core materials.In some cases the screw eye can and does pull out!RS

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I made one a while back. I only have one so I don't do pullups with it but hook it to mt loading pin and so lifts with it.

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Ryan Pitts @ Strongergrip sells the Grip Balls for $16.99, not a bad price and you don't have to worry about the screw eye pulling out.

I have been looking for them and am stuck between the sizes to order. As far as pullups for an average size hand, what are people using?

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