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Good Cameras For Grip Vids


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I happen to own a Cannon PowerShot SX130 and it is really great at close-up focusing on the fly! I just wanted to let people know about it. Some cameras are not worth snot for close up videos and some seem great.

I was wondering if other people have good or bad cameras for close focus videos?

I noticed Russ has a good one but don’t know what it is.

Hopefully this thread will help people choose a good camera for gripper closes.

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Rich, I have a couple but the one I like most is my 5 year old Sony. I don't remember the model cuz it's old but I can check when I get home. I got a kodak for Christmas that does 1080p hd videos but haven't figured out the best setting for close up vids yet. Part of the reason is cuz it takes forever to upload hd vids to my computer and youtube and I'm too impatient to wait so I just don't use it.

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I hear you on the HD! I usually start my HD uploads then go to bed. My camera is only 720p.... so 1080p would be like fore times longer. I think it is only worth it for important closes to see if it is closed (like your HOSS #3, which was crisp! BTW)

My cannon works well on the normal (auto) camera setting. I don’t know much else about the video camera except to change resolution.

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Might sound mad cos the camera is low quality, but my ipad2 seems really good at focussing / picking up very near objects - resolves the detail required for your gripper handle / identification.

oh I forgot - you can see yourself on the screen when you are gripping, which makes it easier to get the precise angle / shot to confirm your close

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Camcorders work better than point and shoot cameras, which is probably what Russ has. As for files, WMV are good, upload fast and fit in e-mails. Also, when HD videos are uploaded, it will probably take a while for the video to load on viewers' computers.

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Any recommendations on specific camcorders?


Something with a macro setting and auto-focus. Those two things together would be the dream team in my opinion.

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