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Eastern Ontario Grip Strength Challenge

Eric Roussin

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I will be running another grip strength challenge in conjunction with an armwrestling event on the evening of Saturday, November 5th in Kingston, Ontario:

The Eastern Ontario Grip Strength Challenge

featuring the following events:

Pliers Lift

Rolling Thunder Lift

Anvil Cone Lift

Hub Lift

Pinch Block Lift

Washer Pinch Lift

All events will be run in a “last man standing” manner, with weights continually being raised until only one person can complete the lift. Competitors will have the option to pass on weights. Points will be accumulated in the following manner:

Example – Rolling Thunder Lift

The best performance is a lift of 200 lbs. This competitor earns 100 points. All other competitors earn a percentage of these points, in proportion to their best lift. For example, if the second best lift is 180 lbs, this competitor earns 90 points (180 lbs is 90% of 200 lbs).

A perfect score would be 600 points (i.e. the same competitor lifts more than everyone on every lift).

There will be two divisions, based on hand length (up to 7.75” and over 7.75”). Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each division. The cost to participate is $20. Event will start following the armwrestling tournament. Estimated start time is 7pm.


JAKK Tuesday's Sports Pub

642 Progress Avenue

Kingston, ON

For more information contact Eric Roussin at 613-837-1724 eric@ontarioarmwrestling.com

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Eric, this is awesome man!

Would you like me to email you my Grip Sport flyer to hand out to the competitors and crowd?

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Are any Americans thinking of coming to this event? Kingston is just a two hour drive from Syracuse.

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This event is less than two weeks away. Many of Ontario and Quebec's top armwrestlers will be in attendance. It will be fun to see how everyone does in the grip challenge. If there is enough interest, I will probably hold 3-4 grip contests per year throughout eastern Ontario.

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I still need to email you that flyer. Sorry for the delay.

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12 competitors took part in this competition over the weekend. There were six competitors in the small hands division, and six competitors in the large hands division. The event took much longer to run than I expected, and made for a long day, especially after a 5-hour armwrestling tournament. I think medleys are a better way to build up initial interest. Unfortunately this means lugging around much more weight plates and equipment.

Here are the final placings:

Small Hands

1st - Bradford Cooke (Barrie, ON)

2nd - Jeff Slater (Ottawa, ON)

3rd - Evan Cooke (Barrie, ON)

Large Hands

1st - Eric Roussin (Ottawa, ON)

2nd - Rick Blanchard (Carlsbad Springs, ON)

3rd - Tom Smith (Sudbury, ON)

These were the top lifts of the day:

Rolling Thunder - 227 lbs (Eric Roussin)

Ironmind Pinch Block - 50 lbs (Eric Roussin)

Ironmind Hub - 52.5 lbs (Evan Cooke)

Anvil Cone - 150 lbs (Eric Roussin)

Washer Pinch Lift - 50 lbs (Eric Roussin)

Pliers Lift - 235 lbs (Rick Blanchard and Kyle Kerswill)

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