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My Original Lists Idea Explained

Bill Piche

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I saw that thread going south and decided to just "do" what I had intended in the first place. It was going WAY too far.

I never wanted rankings. It will create hard feelings and also help snuff out camaraderie IMO. My whole point was like a gym chalk board of encouragement, period. No rankings. No point totals. No listing what in a BIG list of grip feats each person has done.

The way we will go forward is they way I have started it now. Adding different feats lists in the forum. No ordering really. No bickering. Just lists that you can get your name on or move up from one to the next.

My vision was to have some few lists to encourage, and bring people together, and not separate them apart and create one big board of competition.

I am not intending with this post to create a new debate over what should be done. :)

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So, about 25% of all COC's are members here?

I haven't computed the %, but I was thinking it was higher than that.

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