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don of tha new grip

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Has anyone seen the "World class" gripper over at www.fitness.com does anyone have this thing? it says its425 lbs. this thing is gonna be impossible to close!

Also are there two advanced and master grippers really a good in between step to the coc 1-2 and 2-3

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The World Class is in a class by itself.

Put it this way-I can close my #4 on my leg for negatives no problem. I can't budge the WC on my leg-even when pushing with both hands.

I would say maybe 4-5 of us have them-if that many.

Dont waste your money until you can comfortably close the #3. Then-you can use the WC for negatives ala Bearcat.

Rick Walker :rock

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I just got the Master, and It's easier than I thought. I was able to close it on my first try ( the same day I managed to do 4 reps with it ).

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2strong easier compared to what? -- is it/or would it be a good step for the battle to the #2

Rick when i can close the 3 comfortabley me and the "WC" will meet < <

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I think the bb-m is about the same strength as a #2.

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