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Grip Gains Whilst Dieting


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Hi Guys,

I'm coming to the end of my first dieting phase, taking 4 weeks off, then starting phase 2. I've been doing some Fat Gripz work and blasting my Vulcan once a week to keep me ticking over. During my next phase I want to add a specific Grip day to training as I really miss it but want to ask

Q: Is there much point doing a specific grip day whilst dieting as my lower calories may limit progress? Or will it even risk injury/over training with me being on lower calories?

Anyone with any thoughts or experiences on this would be appreciated.


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I'm currently in the middle of a cut and started about 7 weeks ago. So far I haven't experienced any strength losses either in overall strength or grip strength. I'd recommend you just see how you feel while training and if you need to back off a little then do it. I wouldn't completely stop grip training unless you're injured though.

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I have made alot of my best gains in grip stuff while dieting. Unlike say the bench and squat, weight loss does not mean worse leverages or longer ROM. Also, losing a little bit of puffiness in the hands can actually help some grip stuff.

Of course, this is assuming no drastic weight loss or starvation. I have fluctuated between 205-245 in the last ten years with little effect on grip training along the way.

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Couple thoughts.

Grip is mostly neural memory. Dieting doesn't usually effect max strength, but rather endurance, in my experience.

Also, I'd suggest a zig zag approach where you eat more going into a training session and eat less going into an off day, and unudlating back and forth to trigger better gains/losses.

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Thanks everyone,

Encouraging and useful, I'll see how things go as of next week - cheers.

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You didn't ask about bending strength when it comes to weight loss - but my best bends were done when I was lighter than now. Felt like I could get into position a lot easier when I was lighter.

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