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Idea For Making A Loadable Blob


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Assuming that concrete is lighter than iron, it should be possible to make a mold and then cast a blob in concrete. To this could be fixed a means of easily adding weight for progession. A hook or eye bolt would work.

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Could a coating be painted on the surface to make the concrete smoother if it comes out of the mold a little ruff...I don't know much about concrete.


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Hey guys, sorry might be a little off topic; but with all of the talk about the blob, I found this box of nails at my work and it's 50 lbs. and 4in. on the sides now I have seen the other post that the blob is about 5-5.5 in. but this should work right?

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You could get a good workout with it, but it will be a poor blob simulator. The box will have verticle edges. The Blob's sides are not verticle, they flate out.


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