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Thumb Injury


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I am a new gripper. I started using bonecrusher grippers doing some high-rep/low resistance gripping then switched to higher-intensity and low reps. I also was doing negatives, block holds and rubber-band extensor training (all using the advice of much more experienced gripper). Here's the thing, I was doing these exercises maybe twice a week for 5-6 weeks when all of a sudden my thumb (Ulnar collateral ligament) started hurting. At first, I stopped gripping and the pain went away, so I resumed my previous training regimen. The pain quickly resurfaced after a week or two, so I again stopped training, only this time, the pain did not go away (it would only hurt when I would try to open a wrapper or twist open a jar or otherwise apply resistance to my thumb). After about a month I finally went in to see a doctor. She took some x-rays and told me I have a large "sesamoid bone" in my thumb and that it was this bone causing the irritation in my hand. She hooked me up with a brace that immobilizes my thumb and said to take it off a couple times daily and gently move my thumb in a circular motion. She also said to ice it a few times daily. I have used my brace religiously and iced it at least once daily and now it has been another month and there is NO IMPROVEMENT. Obviously I am planning a return trip to the doctor, but I am wondering if anyone on here has some insight on this or even past similar experience? Thanks in advance guys!

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Contrasting hot cold hand baths are nice and help flush out the crud. You may want to se a specialist.

Its strang because grippers dont realy use the actual thumb, just the base pad.

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I have an appointment with an orthopedist on thursday...the part of my "thumb" that hurts is right at the base, the ulnar collateral ligament, which does get used for gripping, especially when training the the "pinch" where you close with the thumb, index and middle fingers.

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