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Grade 8 Bolts


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Bent my first Grade 8 Bolt today. I was so excited that I bent another one!!!

The first one went a little off center, the second one was pretty even.

I had about a 10 minute break in between them.

I was using Ironmind Pads too.

It's 6" long, 1/4" thick and has a solid triangle on top.

Did this double over hand, with my hands in front of me at chest level and below chest level.


I also DO have a video of the second one.

However my girlfriend left the cable I need at her parents house.

So I won't be able to upload the video until later, but I will ASAP.

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That is unreal. I dont know if I can do them with IM pads. Ill try.

I am not going to try to bend a G8 at chest level. Your wrists are extremely strong Pitt!

As I have been told, The Red is not far off after G8.

Oh yea how long was each bend?

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I bent it the same way I bent these other ones in the video I made awhile ago.

I'm unable to get any power if I put the bolt any higher toward my neck, guess it's just because of my size.

I originally bent in IMP's, then after awhile I got some leather pieces and only used them up until I bent a Grade 5 bolt.

Then I switched back to IMP's and now I can do better in them than with my leathers.

It seems my grip slips more on the leather, maybe I don't have the right kind of leather or something.

Yeah I read that the red nail isn't far off so I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm gonna heal for a few days, then bend some more bolts and HRS stock, see how that goes.

If that goes well then I'll heal up and attempt the Red Nail after that.

For time, well I had it bent at 23 seconds, I unwrapped one side and kept crushing it up until 51 seconds, but I'm pretty sure it was good after the 23 second mark (it was as far as I could crush it with both pads on it). I didn't time the first one.

I got bored a little bit ago, had to try a screwdriver.


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Really great bending, it looks like you are finding your own style that works for you and that is the name of the game. CONGRATS!

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Great bends bro! :mosher Triangle G8s are usually on the "hard" side. If you are killing them in under 30 seconds, you are ready for a Red, as long as 7" stock doesn't give you problems. Great stuff man!

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Thanks guys. I'm gonna try some 7" stock this weekend, I haven't had a problem before, but I haven't tried any 5/16 at 7" lately.

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Thanks guys. I'm gonna try some 7" stock this weekend, I haven't had a problem before, but I haven't tried any 5/16 at 7" lately.

Cool,let us know how you get on with the 5/16''.

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I don't think 7" will be a problem


Ironmind Pads, Double overhand at chest level.

About 20-30 seconds

I was on my way to bed, stopped in my weight room, looked at the bar, wrapped it up, no warm-up, still sore from earlier in the week, bent it.

Surprised myself, I didn't think it would go but as soon as I felt it give it was over, it went down easy once it started.

I crushed it to here with both pads on, only re-adjusted my grip once to go from double overhand to crushing grip.


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Good bend.

I did some 7" as well today and warmed up with two HRS then hit a red nail. Got a very sight bow on it and then crapped out. I will wait until Saturday & try again.

When will you give the red a try?

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I've tried the red nail a few times before but haven't gotten anything.

Next time I want to be ready, no pain/soreness in my hand, well rested, warmed up, no muscle fatigue, I don't want to "try" again, next time I want to get it.

Depending on what I have to do this weekend I might try it this weekend. I know I have a wrestling match saturday night, but I might have to work saturday too. If I don't have to work then I'll try it saturday before I leave for the wrestling match. If I have to work and wrestle, then I'll try it sunday if I'm feeling good, if i'm too sore then I'll bend some other stock and some bolts. Wednesday of next week I'm leaving for NY and PA, and I won't be back until the following monday. So I might wait until I get back from my trip, maybe the weekend after that. Or I might take a red nail with me to NY and PA and attempt it in front of one of the crowds up there, cause if you put me in front of a camera or a crowd I get a lot stronger lol

Well knowing me, I might just walk by the weight room one random night, pick it up and bend it.

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