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Hand Tears :/


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Just to start off i know this topic is'nt overly grip specific but i know allot of you out there would be using kettlebells when training grip r just strength and also it would just be a good excuse to talk about hand care!!... Anyway my story is ive been doing kettlebells for a few months now im starting to move up with weight etc, its all going good except whenever I try to do the snatch!! (or a lot oh high rep cleans).. Its not the first half I can get it to the lock out with good form its when im taking it back down and returning it to the start position I just keep tearing the hands off myself. Now I know its all technique and its just a case of practice and ive approached my Trainer about it who has givin me pointers on it. Anyway I just wanted to know how long it took you guys to get the snatch down and if yous had similar experiences .. I find it really frustrating as every time the skin has healed enough to start playing with the snatch again I tear it AGAIN and end up missing another week of training .. Plus I thought it be a good excuse to talk about hand care in general when grip training!!

regards, Young Grasshopper :)

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The key for me is to always file/cut down callous and use some kind of hand lotion after I have used chalk, which dry out the skin. Occasionally I still rip up my thumb webbing on the 2-hand pinch or rip the pad under the knuckles when doing barbell snatches, but it's happening less often with time and heel much faster.

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The guy to ask is Andrew Duriant - or check the Dragon Door Forum - this subject has been discussed a bunch.

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hey guys thanks for all the feed back ...hands are back good now. well good enough to start training again ... gonna keep on top of my callous's! .. and keep heavy reps down for the next week


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