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What's The "spread"?


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Just wanted to know if I have an "unreasonable" #3. The "spread on the handles is almost 4.5 inches. I have two #1 grippers that are only 4.125 across, and a #2 that is about 4.375. I am not worried about the 1, or the 2, and now that I have learned to set them properly I wonder how much of an issue this is with the #3. But I'm still curious, how far apart are your #3 handles(outside to outside at the bottom)?


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If you are measuring the distance between the INSIDE edges of the handles then you should be getting measurements between 2.5 - 3.5 inches. If you have a gripper with 4.5 inches spread then it is very wide.

OOOPPPS I missed your last sentance ... Convention is inside to inside

Mike M.

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My #3 is 2 7/8" from inside to inside on the

handle, which i am coming closer to closing

last Sat. I got it to within a 1/2" from closing

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Right now I have four #3's none of which are the same spread. This is inside knurling to inside knurling

mine= 2 and 15/16

My bro=2 and 13/16

JeffB=3 and 1/16

Dave O=3 and 2/16

Right now there are 18 grippers at my house. I'm spending the next couple weeks figuring out where each one fits. Ranking them 1 to 18 in difficulty level. I'm almost done. Once complete it will be a nicley staggered , no reason to plateau, collection. I should point out that all the threes are of differant strengths, obviously,.

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