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Atomgripz Stainless Steel Handles

Wade Gillingham

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I ordered the gold handled triple and quad bands last night. I had originally talked to Wade about getting these about a month ago but he suggested that I wait until he got his next Atomgripz order in to save on the extra shipping costs. He emailed me when he got them in and let me know he had them before they got sold out. I've done this with other companied (not for grip stuff) and never got the follow up email. Once again showing why Wade/GSS is the top of the customer service mountain.

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They showed up today (Monday), which was a day or two earlier than I was expecting. They're beautiful grippers, feel great and are all that I expected. Thanks again to Wade for the fast shipping!

Here's the pic...


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They are gorgeous. Can you close the triple? I know you can close a knurled one but is the smooth much harder?

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Yeah, I knocked out a few reps each hand when I first got it. The smooth handles does make it a bit more challenging but chalk helps with that. You can see some chalk smudges in the pic where I didn't wipe them off good enough.

I came close to closing the quad band but not quite. Both squeaked a lot and have a bunch of polishing compound/crud in the springs that I still need to clean out. Then I'll oil them and give them another try.

All in all they're a good bit of kit. It would be nice if they had polished the inside of the spring coil like was done on my gold knurled handled AG's but that's just personal preference. I recommend them and if you don't want gold I'd still say get the polished stainless or steel handles cuz they feel real smooth (no pun intended) in the hands.

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My 2 Band gun metal gray arrived today, it's very nice looking gripper with fast shipping from the Gripper Super Store. On the down side the spread is just under 2.5" and the close is way to easy for me, I was thinking that the smooth handle would put this gripper just under a coc#2 but it feels easier than a coc#1. I should have bought the 3 band. :blush

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