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Grip Strength In The News

Jedd Johnson

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Guys, I continue to do all I can to spread the word about Grip Sport, contacting as any people as I can and trying to open up new avenues, but this time, they actually came to me.

I was contacted by an area news network about the sport of Grip after they found out about it on the 'net. They asked if I'd be interested in taking part in a news story and I said "Oh Hell Yeah!!!"

It was a great time. The news clip is up on my website, DieselCrew.com.

Check it out here = > http://www.dieselcrew.com/grip-sport-news-story

If you have a Facebook account, I would be most appreciative if you could help me spread the word by hitting the Facebook tool in the upper right hand corner of the post and adding it to your feed. I am hoping this will let more people see it, as well as showing the News Station that is fairly popular and could lead to possibly future stories, which I have offered to do.

Also, if you are on any other forums, social sites, or if you have a blog, and you want to spread the word through those media, I would appreciate it.

The more exposure we can get the sport, the better.

Thanks guys!


Here's the link again = > http://www.dieselcrew.com/grip-sport-news-story

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Nice to see that grip gets so much attention in the US! Great video!

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PS Jedd I really like that shirt and want to buy one. BUT i dont see an option for medium?

That was a mistake I made. Just choose any size and then put medium in the Notes. I will get the form changed ASAP. Thanks.

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Jedd, that video is great! I love the enthusiasm from the interviewer when he tears a phonebook on camera. Incredibly well represented. Grip sport was definitely painted in a positive light in that interview.:mosher

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Mario was a good dude. He had lots of fun. Couldn't believe half the stuff I did. Thanks Ben!

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