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The strong ones take a bit of force to close.

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The chicks in the video are using the regular flex not the stiff flex I imagine. I wonder what the force to close the stiff flex is, I can find no estimate range at all I even asked the manufacturer. Is it 10 pounds, 20 50 100, anyone have any ideas?

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I have no idea how it'd rank on a weighted scale. I've got the stiff ones and you have to squeeze pretty good to keep them shut. They won't rip your hands open or make you fight to shut them but they definately add to the intensity of a set if you're holding them plus weight for 30 seconds or so. JAD has used them to hold on to his lawnmower with one hand to cut his grass. That'd blow your forearm up bigtime. They're also good for doing banded/strand AW training.

How do you plan on using them?

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Just researching between them and fatgripz. I could use grip4orce for small weight movements

like curls or heavier ones like deadlifts. Would be nice to have some idea of weight people can lift in deadlift with regular bar, thick bar/fat gripz, and with grip4orce. Just nice to know how much harder they are to grip in comparision to regular bar for someone with no

thick bar training.

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I got a pair as a gift. I haven't had them long enough to give much of a review. I have the stiff version. As best I could test, they require around 30 pounds to fully close. They may not fully close, depending on the size bar you use. Some of mine they do some they remain open some. I'm hoping they will be useful for me. My sustained grip needs improvement as it is holding my farmers back. That said, as mentioned, I haven't had them long enough to give more of a review.

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. apttdwler thanks for your estimtae on how much it takes to close them.

So far with grip4orce stiff flex I only use it on a few things.

Curl strength is down just a little with them. Regular barbell curl is at 99 for 8 strict

2 lean back cheats. With grip4orce stiffflex with 99 I coudl only manage 3 reps then 3 more cheaty with it taken off. One arm barbell curls are down a little bit but not much.

I did one arm barbell curls with them and like 6 reps or so.

Reverse barbell curl I could only manage bar for like 6 reps or so. I was doing like 71 pounds with some cheat methods to assist before. Deadlifts down the most from like 249 for reps double overhand with shrugs at top to 135 only and 7 reps. Doing it at end after regular deadlift does make it harder with grip4orce though. I am curious how grip4orce weights people can use compare to fatgripz or regular 2 inch bars though.

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